NATRUE has decided to extend the period of grace for the raw material approval / certification scheme. By doing so, NATRUE wishes to ensure a smoother transition into the new scheme by giving more time to intensify the contact with our raw material manufacturer. However, the raw material approval / certification scheme will come. Hence, we provide some answers of the most frequently asked questions in terms of raw material approval /certification.


From which date onwards must all NATRUE products consist of approved, certified or certified organic raw materials?
  • From 1st July 2024 onwards, all newly reported finished products must consist of approved, certified or certified organic raw materials only.
  • From 1st of July 2025 onwards, all finished products ready for recertification must also consist of approved, certified or certified organic raw materials only.
Which date counts as deadline, the date of reporting new products or the beginning of label usage?

The reporting date is considered as deadline.

Which raw materials must enter the NATRUE approval or certification scheme?

All raw materials used from 1st July 2024 onwards must enter the approval or certification scheme unless they belong to the following exceptions:

  • Nature-identical substance according to the Annexes (2 or 4a) are accepted by default.
  • Customized raw materials produced exclusively for one customer only; Please be aware that such raw materials must not be distributed under different names or labels to other buyers as well. If you want to use such a raw material, an affirmation of exclusivity must be provided from the raw material manufacturer. Please contact us if you wish to have a template for an exclusivity affirmation.
    • In this case, no approval or certification is needed, as the raw material will be evaluated during the evaluation of the finished product.
  • Raw materials that are certified under a standard of the IFOAM family (here);
    • The organic certificate is sufficient to provide NATRUE conformity.
What about customized perfumes?
  • For customized perfumes we need, similar to customized raw materials, an affirmation of exclusivity from the raw material manufacturer as well as the RMDF (here) for perfumes. The check for conformity occurs during the evaluation of the finished product.
I do have a raw material certified after IFOAM organic standards. The processing, bottling or labeling is not within the scope of the certificate. Must the raw material be NATRUE approved or certified?
  • Yes, the raw material must enter the NATRUE certification scheme if you wish to maintain the current organic status. In this case, a documentation check and a single on site audit is necessary for the certification. If not, you may enter the approval scheme as well that requires a documentation check only.
I do have a raw material that consists of two components – one is IFOAM organic the other is not. Is certification or approval needed in this case?
  • At this point, the raw material manufacturer has the choice. If the manufacturer wishes to advertise the percentage of organic content within the raw material then the raw material must enter the certification process (check of documents plus one on site inspection). If not, the raw material can enter the approval scheme (check of documents only).
I wish to publish my IFOAM organic raw material within the NATRUE database. Can I do that?
  • IFOAM organic raw materials are accepted by default. However, if you want to publish it on the NATRUE database you can do so by sending us the complete raw material name along with the organic certificate. Your raw material will then be published in the approved raw materials database but with the supplement “100% organic”.
  • This procedure also permits the use of the NATRUE label (only with the reference “NATRUE approved”). See the label usage guideline of NATRUE (2.3) for more information.
Some of my raw materials are certified by COSMOS. Does that count as organic certification?
  • Unfortunately no. These raw materials must enter the raw material approval or certification scheme.
What can I do if the raw material manufacturer does not want to enter the approval / certification scheme?
  • In this case, the finished product manufacturer also can start the approval / certification process on its own by covering the costs of the process. However, the raw material manufacturer still needs to sign the NATRUE label usage agreement.