Specification / explanation of the requirement of NATRUE in the standard version 3.9 that from 1.1.2021 certain INCI and thus raw materials must be at least from RSPO MB palm oil quality:

  • Raw materials that are recognized or certified and contain INCI that are not at least based on RSPO MB Palm Oil as required for the specified INCI are compliant until the recognition/certification expires. You must meet at least RSPO BM at the latest until re-certification / re-recognition of the default
  • Certified products that contain raw materials whose INCI are not made from RSPO MB palm oil as specified are compliant until they are re-certified. The RSPO requirements must be met at the latest for recertification.

2021-07-07: As decided by NaTRUE, the new transition period will be the following:

  • All raw materials presently used in NATRUE certified finished products will have a transitional period until February 2023 to be either certified or approved.
  • Producers of finished products will have a transitional period until February 2024tore-formulate their products using exclusively NATRUE approved or NATRUE certified raw materials.
  • Finished product formulations entering the certification scheme from February 2024mustinclude exclusively NATRUE certified or approved raw materials.

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