What does EcoControl certify?


NATRUE is the strictest standard, as minimum proportions of natural raw materials for natural cosmetics must be proven in the certified products. The most experienced natural cosmetics manufacturers use this standard, see our customer page. NATRUE is included in the BNN assortment list. For more information, visit:

Approved raw materials

All raw materials used in cosmetics from July 1, 2024 onwards, must enter the approval or certification process. Exceptions are only made for nature-identical raw materials according to the NATRUE positive list, customer-specific raw materials that are only produced for a single customer, or organic raw materials certified according to the IFOAM family (see below).

In order to have raw materials recognized according to NATRUE, a document audit is required to evaluate the fulfillment of the NATRUE criteria. After checking the conformity, a certificate of recognition is issued and the raw materials are published on the NATRUE raw materials database. Approved raw materials may use the NATRUE approved raw material logo.

Certified raw materials

Raw materials with organic content that are to be advertised as such must undergo the NATRUE certification procedure. Here, in addition to the document audit, a one-time on-site audit is also performed.

Raw materials that are of organic origin, but either the processing is not within the organic certification or the organic certificate was issued by a standard owner outside the IFOAM family, must enter the certification scheme. Here, in the case of non-covered processing, a one-time audit is performed at the processing site, or every two years if the standard is not part of the IFOAM family.

All NATRUE certified raw materials are shown on the NATRUE raw material database and are allowed to carry the NATRUE logo.

Organic raw materials

Must be produced from organically grown, certified agricultural products (including wild-collection).

The following standards are accepted as the basis for certification of agricultural raw materials:

Organic Regulation (EU) 2018 / 848, the Swiss Organic Regulation, and all standards recognized as equivalent from the IFOAM family, as well as all organic standards under the umbrella of IFOAM (e.g. Naturland, Demeter, Bioland, Soil Association, Bio Suisse).

These raw materials are NATRUE compliant per se and do not need to enter the recognition or certification process.

Natural Cosmetic Standard (NCS)

The standard without percentage calculation, without association and with the lowest label usage fees. The Natural Cosmetic Standard is included in the BNN assortment list and also gives the possiblity to differentiate between nautral, organic, vegan and organic & vegan cosmetics.

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Nature Care Product Standard (NCPS)

The standard for natural products that are not food or cosmetics, such as cleaning products. The Nature Care Product Standard is included in the BNN assortment list.

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Cosmetics Good Manufacturer Practice

Certified Sustainable Economics (CSE)

The cross-sector quality seal CSE distinguishes products that are manufactured by companies that operate in a certified near-sustainable manner. The CSE standard is regularly reviewed and continuously developed.

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Certification procedure

Information on how to acquire process-certification according to EcoControl C-GMP ISO22716, you will find under Downloads, EcoControl Documents.

Sculpture Software

With the help of the Sculpture software, you can register the formulations of your natural cosmetics for evaluation and certification for the NATRUE seal. In the following video we will show you the step-by-step operation of the software.

All companies certified by EcoControl can use the EcoControl mark for the products listed in the scope of the certificate. Please also refer to EcoControl’s logo usage regulations.

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