About us

The EcoControl quality policy

EcoControl’s quality policy is based on the following principles:
  • EcoControl strives to cooperate in networks. The use of auditors by multiple entities promotes independence, reduces conflicts of interest, and increases the experience of individual auditors.
  • EcoControl operates with the lowest possible fixed costs. Thus, there are only home offices.
  • EcoControl is independent, self-financed and does not receive any financial support of any kind.
EcoControl has sustainable management as its goal. The following factors contribute to this:
  • Use auditors as local as possible and combine audit tours.
  • Appropriate pay, which should take into account family situations.
  • Fair, individual treatment of customers, search for individual solutions without undermining the quality requirements and procedural specifications.
  • Standards that EcoControl certifies should always be in the area of organic production in the broadest sense. There is no specification of raw material quality, as long as the aspect of sustainability is observed (e.g. plastic made from mineral oil is initially a natural raw material, as are minerals. These are also finite and can only be recovered through recycling).


Dr. Ulrike Harant

General Manager

Beate Berghoff

Evaluation, documentation, raw material certification/approval, auditing

Carmen Holtz

Administration, book keeping, audit planning

Maria Plesch-Heiming

Evaluation, documentation, raw material approval/certification

Petra Meyer

Customer support, administration, raw material approval, evaluation

Karolina Anna Brychcy

Evaluation, documentation, raw material approval/certification

Backgrounds and experience

The EcoControl processes and know-how are based on the decades of experience of Dr. Joachim Banzhaf, the former managing director of EcoControl.

In the field of eco-certification, we have over 25 years of experience in worldwide inspections and in setting up certification bodies. All this experience flows into EcoControl’s work.

Following the takeover of EcoControl by ABCERT AG, 20 years of experience from the natural cosmetics industry now merge with over 30 years of experience from the organic food industry.


Accredited for certification of cosmetics GMP ISO 22716

EcoControl is the first certification body accredited in the DACH countries for the certification of the cosmetics GMP standard ISO 22716. After many years of confirming the compliance of GMP systems in companies via self-reporting or second party audits, it is time to have this international standard confirmed via an independent, accredited certification body. More and more importers, especially from the Asian region, are requesting this certification.