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The EcoControl quality policy

EcoControl – for organic cosmetics and ecological products

EcoControl’s quality policy is based on the following principles:

  • EcoControl does not operate its own standards. We are of the opinion that own standards negatively influence the independence from the applicants.
  • EcoControl strives to work together in networks. The use of auditors by several bodies promotes independence, reduces conflicts of interest and increases the experience of the individual auditors.
  • EcoControl works with the lowest possible fixed costs. Thus, we are all working from home.

EcoControl has sustainable business as its goal.The following factors contribute to this:

  • Use of auditors as local as possible and combination of audit tours.
    An appropriate payment, which should take into account family situations
  • A fair, individual treatment of the customers, searching for individual solutions without undermining the quality requirements and the procedural requirements.
  • Standards that EcoControl certifies should always be in the field of ecological production in the broadest sense. There is no specification of raw material quality as long as the aspect of sustainability is respected (e.g. plastic made from mineral oil is first a natural raw material as are minerals. These are also finite and can only be recovered through recycling).


Beate Berghoff

Evaluation, Documentation, Raw material approval, Audits

Carmen Holtz

Administration, Bookkeeping, Inspection planning

Maria Plesch-Heiming

Evaluation, Documentation, Raw material approval

Petra Meyer

Administration, Documentation, Raw material approval

Karolina Anna Brychcy

Evaluation, Documentation, Raw material approval

Dr. Joachim Banzhaf

Advisor, Audits

Backgrounds and experience

The EcoControl procedures and the know how base on the ten years of experience of Dr. Joachim Banzhaf, the former director of EcoControl. Joachim Banzhaf was the head of the BDIH inspection and certification body for natural cosmetics until 2011. He is technical auditor for the accreditation of certification bodies (product and management certification), EFQM assessor and ISO 9000 lead auditor. In the sector of organic certification he has a more than 15 years experience doing worldwide inspections and training of inspectors and certification body personnel.

All this experience is used within EcoControl.



Accreditation for the NATRUE and ISO 22617 Certification

  •  EcoControl is the first Certification body in Germany, accredited for the certification of the cosmetic GMP standard ISO 22716. More and more importers ask for accredited certificates
  • The accreditation includes the technical requirements of the NATURE standard for natural and organic cosmetics and its raw materials. It is based on the QM requirements of ISO 17065